Vicky Peirson is a relative newcomer to the scene of entertainment. A workshop run by ‘Funny Women’ developed a latent talent for comedy and ‘acting’ leading to various stand up routines in and around London over the last few years. Cameo roles such as Queen Victoria, Mrs Dickens, Florence Nightingale and even the Queen were followed by more demanding sketches of her own at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond operating a call center and as Very Merry aka Mary Berry.

She performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 and in 2015 was part of a double act with fellow comedian, Liz Mee, in Class Act. In 2017 she took her own show ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ which proved to be disarmingly chaotic.

Having appeared as a supporting artist regular on Call the Midwife and a number of TV dramas and sitcoms, she has completed a Foundation year at Richmond Drama School. In May 2018 she appeared in a re-run of a previous West End farce, ‘Spy in the Ointment’ where she had a leading role. In August 2018 she appeared in a Comedy Central Modern Horror Stories sketch, Boyfriend Crufts.

Vicky also contributed more recently to a few Comic Relief sketches with Comedy Central. She is currently attending film school in Camden Town.